Colour in Felt

Hello everyone, welcome to my very first blog. Anyone who knows me well will be aware that I have no problem in the art of conversation. Or as my lovely father used to say the women in his life could ‘talk underwater’. But writing it down is another skill I need to learn.

So you have probably had a good look around at my work. If you have arrived at this point and are reading this you may be curious who I am. By now you will have seen my photograph. My signature red lipstick and my red felt hat that I hasten to add was made by a friend. You may also realise that colour doesn’t frighten me and that I am passionate about it. I wasn’t always that way and I spent many years in the black and grey world out there. But the more I use colour in my work the more I dressed in colour, it lifts your mood and allows you to see past the gloom and misery in this world at the present time.

Janice Hutchinson Colour in Felt

I sell my work in a little shop in Northumberland, North East England, where I have created a galley wall of my work in my allocated space. Everyone who works in the shop tells me my work makes people stop and look, some people buy: some are amazed at the fact they are made with wool and some just get a little bit of my joyous: happy, never boring, colourful world. I am secretly very proud when I hear the comments and it makes all the time and hard work worth it. A lady on Sunday told me I had inspired her to start felting again. Happy Days!

I use layers of white Merino wool as my blank Canvas then add my coloured wool together silk fabrics and fibres and I ‘paint with wool’. I fly solo, without an image in front of me. I often allow the wool and silk to glide onto the picture and leave it where it falls – a trust and a hope it doesn’t let me down. But all artists have an instinct that the love of their work will create something beautiful. Everything in life is a lesson or a blessing. #

So that’s it. A little snippet about me, however if you want to see more about my work then please feel free to go to my Facebook page where I share my newest pictures in the making.

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