The Tin Shed Exhibition

Art is important

The tin shed is a wonderful collective of North East artists who have joined together to display their work. I have been invited to become part of the group.

Many artists have only art fairs to display their work to the public. Covid-19 created a void for many people who would normally be able to see and display their creations.

I am lucky that I found my own group of likeminded people and am able to sell and display my work in shops and galleries. Jaspah Crewe, Jaspah Too, Cross Lanes Organic Farm, Broom House Farm and Malin & Mac in Durham have all supported my work and given me an outlet to sel.

I have been invited to take part in art exhibitions but at present we are not able to share our creations with the public, so this is where the Tin Shed fills that void.

The online exhibition will take place on the web page between March 10th and April 7th 2021. I have submitted a collection of my work. To see your hard work being appreciated by the public is what all creative people strive for.

I have seen during the pandemic and lockdown so many people turn to creativity to find peace and solace. I myself use art as therapy, embroidery instils a feeling of calm – maybe why despite my many illnesses high blood pressure isn’t one of them!  I had plans in 2020 to begin a local embroidery group to learn the basics of needlework. Let’s hope that I get to fulfil my dream in 2022.

The online exhibition for the Tin Shed takes place between March 10th & April 7th and I have 10 pictures in my section.

As part of the group will be invited to display and sell my work in Bamburgh in Northumberland so watch this space.






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