A Gift of Love

A Gift of Love greetings card

In 2018 I was commissioned by a lovely lady in the USA to create a picture of Dandelions. I had never posted a picture to the USA or taken payment in dollars. An exchange of messages and her help in securing the payment led me to one of the most wonderful relationships in my life. My art had yet again introduced me to people and places of huge importance to me.

Since that very first meeting we have become firm friends and speak via messenger every week. She has introduced to me her neighbour, her family and the people closest to her. We have supported each other through bereavement and illness. We share stories, dreams, upsets and happiness. We shared our love for ‘Vera’ our very own northern detective television programme and her love for British heritage. We became excited when I told her that the TV programme Vera had been filmed in the ‘chocolate box ‘village of Blanchland where I sell my work , in an art and craft shop called Jaspah Crewe.

In  May 2020 she was coming to visit me, travelling from Wake Forest, North Carolina to Durham, UK. It was all booked and our itinerary planned. We had a visit to  Durham city and its magnificent cathedral, Bamburgh Castle in Northumberland and of course our passion for coffee shops and cake. But our most exciting search was going to be to see bluebells and fulfil one of her childhood dreams to walk among them.

Bluebell woods

Of course we all know what happened in 2020 – Covid 19 – our worst nightmare. Travel plans were cancelled.  A disc in my back prolapsed  and left me immobile and unable to move for most of the year. All of the these events meant that we never got our adventure and our very first meeting.

March 10th is my very dear friend Martha’s’ birthday. We haven’t given up and I am sure we will see each other when the time is right and walk through the bluebells together. Whatever comes I received the biggest Gift of Love a precious friendship.

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Blanchland Bluebells

A Gift of Love

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