Spring Clean!


As I write this blog I am aware that today is ‘National No Housework Day’ very apt as I should – or could – be doing household chores. It’s not that I don’t have anything to do, I have kitchen cupboards full of out-of-date tins, spices and condiments, as well as my wardrobes that are confused as to why I still have thermal jumpers and summer dresses entwined on a cramped rail. Oh yes I have plenty of ‘other work’ to do!

But I am an adult who discovered the art of playing late in life – I spent 35 years trying to keep the perfect home, make the perfect meals and have the perfect life. My art is chaotic but fun. I get to sit on my computer and write a blog, create a collage like the heading on April’s offering and of course play wet felting and embroidery. When we get to know each other better I will take a photograph of my work space/kitchen/dining room as, like my wardrobes, it also has identity issues.

Here is a lovely poem from Rose Milligan :

April and it’s a time for renewal and rebirth which means new ideas to write on my computer when I could have been washing curtains. I have renewed my wool and silk supply instead of replacing some cans of out-of-date tins of tuna. I could have joined a gym or started a new diet but instead April sees the rebirth of ideas and new colours. The two pictures above see me veering towards a new pastel range I could have done so many things but I choose to do all that makes me happy

Now I am not saying don’t do any housework, and I still love a clean home and sorting or eliminating things no longer needed in my life. However I am saying if the need to play is stronger than your need to tidy then so be it. Find enjoyment and happiness where you can. Life is too short!

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