Pastures New

Pastures new

Tomorrow to fresh woods and pastures new.
Lycidas, John Milton (1637)

I decided to take a leap of faith in May to go to a new gallery to sell my work in. I put my faith in the universe to help me as it meant taking my work away from one of my other outlets. The first shop has a special place in my heart but it was time for pastures new.  I am now happily installed in a beautiful glass and art gallery only a ‘stone’s throw’ away from my home. It’s full of wonderful creative work by local artists and already the owners have made me feel part of their family.


The other big decision I made was to take Lavender Cottage off my sitting room wall and take that along with a mixture of Meadows and Pasture pictures, art cards and felted cards. Lavender Cottage is a firm favourite in my prints, mugs, coasters and tote bags. It was time for someone else to enjoy it. If I kept all of my favourites I would have no wall space left!

My artwork gives me pleasure and over the years I have been tempted to compromise, change style, make more commercially priced work, but it’s not who I am. Gone are the days of the Felted Flying Fairies. Never again shall I go down that route. As a child I never liked dolls and there I was making them to sell to an audience.

By keeping the faith my journey has brought me to places I feel more comfortable with.

So as from June you can find my work at:
The Glass and Art Gallery
Jaspah Crewe
Elvet & Bailey
Cross Lanes Organic Farm
(the details are all on my stockist page)

I now have to go and work a little harder to stock up!
New pastures here I come

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