Summertime headeer

Summer is here – well almost in the North East of England! Summer evokes feelings of happiness, joy and in many of us: nostalgia, memories of family no longer with us and a childhood never completely lost to us.

When I was a child we lived about 15 miles from the coast, but many people didn’t own cars so trips to Whitley Bay or South Shields were a treat. None so as enjoyable as the organised school coach trips. Of course there was the obligatory egg and tomato sandwiches in white bread – who knew the joy of wholemeal bread to come many years later – together with a bottle of lemonade?

After 30 minutes of excited mayhem on the coach there were gasps of pure joy as the first person to see the sea announced this to 30 children, what a wondrous sight it was and we all cheered. Sand in our packed lunch and no one had heard of a factor sun cream or the necessity of wearing a sun hat, we frazzled in the sun till it was home-time. However I did say it was the North East coast and quite often we shivered on the coach as we watched the rain through the windows. Isn’t it funny how we nearly always remember our childhood summers as being perfect?!

I could sit and watch the sea all day – those colours, gold sand and deep blue/green water with rolling white waves were mesmerising,

Many years later I met and married Ian – who hates the beach, sand and egg-and-tomato sandwiches, so my trips to the coast became few and far between.


So now I create seascape pictures from memory. I use silk for the sand and clouds, and Merino wool blended for the sea and sky. My work is reflective of how I remember places and things I have seen.  I never use photographs; if I did the colours wouldn’t be as vivid and vibrant as my imagination.

I have three Seascape pictures in my home – I love using this word as it’s a play on the word escape. As I don’t see the sea in person I have memories I can see recall through my work.

Many of the seascape pictures have been either gifts for friends or commissions. One of my very good friends asked me if she could hang one in her downstairs toilet. I am not that precious and one is in mine so no objections from me at all. Art is meant to be enjoyed whenever and wherever.

May latest seascape picture is called Calm – and we all need calm in our lives.


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