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It’s been a little while since I updated you on events here at  Colour In Felt.

Since Broom House Farm asked me to fill half of their coffee shop with my work, my working life has escalated. Not only do they display my work but it’s also for sale so I am constantly making to keep up with demand. I was so happy to hear that one of their sheep shearers bought three of my pictures for his mother, who had been a farmer.

Jaspah Crewe, in Blanchland, continues to be my most popular outlet, possibly as I have a very personal stake there. I spend two days a month there as a member of the art and craft cooperative. It’s wonderful to see the reaction to my work from customers and be able to tell them about my art and how it’s made. We artists need to receive feedback as does anyone who creates to sell. It took a long time for me to accept that my work was good enough to adorn someone else’s wall, despite the many hundreds of sales.

A brand new gluten-free coffee shop is opening in April – it’s only a stone’s throw away from my home so no doubt I will be partaking of their home baking! They commissioned me to create six pictures for the walls. I will, of course, share with you the details once they are up and running. I am pleased to see the House of Botanics is thriving, it’s a lovely place for my work to be seen as is the Glass and Art Gallery – again not too far from my home. It’s wonderful to see the work of local creative people and I never realised there were so many, like myself, who have found pleasure from art and crafts . This leads me on to an interesting conversation with a photographer who is including me (hopefully not so much me!) and my work in a new exhibition in Autumn.

I am currently working on four commission pieces and after many months of pastures, sheep and cottages I am creating new floral pictures, my latest is below. Next month I am hoping to get back to some seascapes.

So it’s a busy time. But you know its my passion and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

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