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Spring Header

It’s been a little while since I updated you on events here at  Colour In Felt. Since Broom House Farm asked me to fill half of their coffee shop with my work, my working life has escalated. Not only do they display my work but it’s also for sale so I am constantly making to […]


Summertime headeer

Summer is here – well almost in the North East of England! Summer evokes feelings of happiness, joy and in many of us: nostalgia, memories of family no longer with us and a childhood never completely lost to us. When I was a child we lived about 15 miles from the coast, but many people […]

New Beginnings

2020  left us reeling from a pandemic none of us could have seen coming. Covid- 19 has tested our resolve to the limit. Like you all I had plans for holidays, parties, celebrations, christenings, and all the normal activities we take for granted. Oh, how I miss my friends, their company, be it happy or […]