My love for colour was heightened when I enrolled for a floristry course about 15 years ago.

I bet you’re wondering why I mention this, but to understand that I had not really embraced  a lot of colour in my life, I had for 9 years worn a black tunic and trousers in another of my previous careers as a holistic therapist . The only glimmer of colour was a bright red lipstick. When my holistic days ended I needed to occupy my mind and thought Floristry sounded like a very happy, easy course. How wrong I was!

The young man who interviewed me for the course seemed bemused that I wanted to learn a new skill. I thought he was judging me on the fact that I was a mature student; little did he know that I was the eternal mature student and would enrol on any course available. I wasn’t particularly fussy as long as I had books and enthusiasm. I redid my A-levels as I wanted distinctions and got them. I learned sign language, pottery, painting, psychology, sociology and counselling: the list is endless.

I digress. so let me get back to the floristry interview and 30 minutes into a barrage of why I was interested in the subject. Was I capable of some outside work? Did I mind being outside a lot? Was it something I had always wanted to do? All of these I had known about as my friend has said part of the course was foraging for leaves and wild flowers etc, so I was prepared for these questions. He ticked all the boxes and announced that my application had been accepted and could I turn up a week on Wednesday with a hard hat, steel-toe-capped boots and overalls to begin my FORESTRY course!

I did eventually get on the right course. I wasn’t as much interested in the flowers as I was the module on colour. I embraced this with gusto: much to the horror of my tutor when I handed in my colour assignment. Instead of the 10 – 15 paged A4 folder I presented her with a 60 page A3 bound-book, The spark had been ignited and colour was my new friend. I did the first year of my course. Never have I been so cold – the flowers were kept at outside temperature. So I dropped out, taking my colour project home, to be cherished.

Boxed art

Clean, modern frames help make my artwork colours come alive

Colour is everywhere for me

So began the need to add colour to my life – you can see it in my work – on the walls I display my artwork in shops, galleries and exhibitions.

I see flowers as well everywhere I look: A Perfect Day, Poppy Fields, Summer Days and many more all now turned into beautiful cards.

Colour is my constant companion and a lovely one it is.